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Web Links

Useful links for those involved in preclinical and clinical research work

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1 Web Link Image J
Powerful open source software for image analysis. Plugins are available for cell counting and other measurements.
2 Web Link Using software for data analysis
Resources on various software packages from Stanford University in the US.
3 Web Link National Cancer Research Institute
Brings together government, charities, and industry to promote cooperation in cancer research. NCRI runs a number of different strands of work to evaluate the cancer research landscape and facilitate coordination: The NCRI Clinical Studies Groups, the annual NCRI Cancer Conference, the NCRI Cancer Research Database and the NCRI Cancer Clinical Trials Unit Group.
4 Web Link Common Toxicity Criteria
When recording toxicities for patients on clinical trials refer to the appropriate version of the CTC here.
5 Web Link UK Clinical Trials Gateway
For patients and clinicians to find clinical trials. Also developing the potential to find volunteers for trials.
6 Web Link National Institute for Health Research
Infrastructure for clinical trials in all areas of disease and clinical need within the NHS
7 Web Link Pharma Strategy Blog
Commentary on trial data, and pharma pipelines, in oncology and haematology. A useful and well-analysed overview.
8 Web Link NCRI CSG Portfolio Maps
An excellent way of getting an overview of clinical trials from the NCRI database of studies. The maps display trials by tumour type and line of treatment and are coordinated by the site-specific Clinical Studies Groups.
9 Web Link Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre Network
Launched in October 2006, the Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre (ECMC) Network is jointly supported by Cancer Research UK and the heath departments for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, providing a total of £35 million over five years to fund a network of Experimental Cancer Medicine Centres across the UK.
10 Web Link NIHR Clinical Trials Toolkit
The Clinical Trials Toolkit provides practical advice to researchers in designing and conducting publicly funded clinical trials in the UK. Through the use of an interactive routemap, this site provides information on best practice and outlines the current legal and practical requirements for conducting clinical trials. Useful information for anyone involved in clinical trials work.
11 Web Link Clinical trials safety reporting flowchart
Excellent summary from the NIHR to remind you how to differentiate ARs, AEs, and SAEs and what you need to do about them.
12 Web Link Find a clinical trial - Cancer Research UK
Quick and very user friendly way to find clinical trials for patients with cancer. Also shows recently closed trial and summaries of trial outcomes.

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