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Web Links

Reputable sources of treatment guidelines and protocols.

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1 Web Link NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology
A comprehensive American set of guidelines which are an excellent reference.
2 Web Link PDQ Cancer Information Summaries
These summaries from the National Cancer Institute in the US provide an up to date overview of the current staging and treatment of cancers.
3 Web Link ASCO Guidelines
Various guidelines and recommendations by the American Society of Clinical Oncology
4 Web Link US National Guideline Clearing House
A central repository of guidelines from a number of sources. There are over 400 concerning cancer.
5 Web Link ESMO Guidelines
Clinical Recommendations by the European Society of Medical Oncology. They are clinical guidelines intended to provide the user with a set of requirements for a basic standard of cancer care.
6 Web Link NICE Guidance
Guidance on service organisation, procedures, and technologies from the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence
7 Web Link NICE Guidance on Malignant Spinal Cord Compression
Published in November 2008. Advice on how to optimise the diagnosis and management of this condition.
8 Web Link British Thoracic Society Guidelines including Pulmonary Nodule Management
Detailed guidance on the management of pulmonary nodules plus links to guidance for lung cancer and mesothelioma.

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