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Web Links

Reputable sites to recommend to patients.

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1 Web Link CancerHelp UK
Produced by Cancer Research UK. Provides information about types of cancer and treatment.
2 Web Link Macmillan Cancer Support
An excellent resource for patients. Includes detailed patient information about treatments and side-effects plus an online community.
3 Web Link Patient Information from ASCO
The American Society of Clinical Oncology produces this comprehensive website for patients. Contains information on tumour types, survivorship, and includes downloadable podcasts and illustrations.
4 Web Link PDQ Cancer Information Summaries
These information summaries from the National Cancer Institute in the US also have patient versions available for download.
5 Web Link Complementary & Alternative Medicine
Information from the National Cancer Institute in the US
6 Web Link Quackwatch
Your Guide to Quackery, Health Fraud, and Intelligent Decisions.Useful for maintaining some balance in assessing alternative treatments and media reports.
7 Web Link NHS Information Prescription Service
This new service created with input from Macmillan amongst others, allows the creation of collections of patient information tailored for an individuals requirements. Currently most of the content is provided by Macmillan and Cancer Research UK although gradually location based content will be added.
The output can be printed, or emailed to patients.
8 Web Link Cancer of Unkown Primary Foundation
Exist to offer information and support to CUP patients, their families and friends; whilst raising awareness of this problem to stimulate action that will improve treatment. Involved in the organisation of an international conference on the subject.
9 Web Link My Cancer Treatment
This site allows patients in the UK to find out information about the quality of their local NHS cancer treatment services. It relies on data from the national peer review process which reviews all services annually. Produced by the National Peer Review Team.
10 Web Link National Lung Cancer Forum for Nurses
Useful source of information for patients with lung cancer, and their carers

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