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Information Exchange

Resources to help improve the cancer services at your centre or unit. If you have any ideas, information, policies, or protocols which others might find useful please email us so that we can post them here. You can also rate the articles to help identify the best ideas.

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# Item Title Author Hits
1 Organising 30-day SACT mortality meetings at your trust AD 1436
2 Improved management of sick patients with newly diagnosed cancer AD 4197
3 BTS Pulmonary Nodule Guidelines AD 3050
4 Advising patients on flying and holidays AD 5215
5 Models of Acute Oncology AD 7285
6 Improving MDT Meetings A Dangoor 3982
7 Advisory text for GP & patient letters A Dangoor 4231
8 Vinca Alkaloids should be administered by minibag AD 3790
9 Management of oral chemotherapy AD 4819

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